How to Apply for Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) 2024

The Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) is a federal social safety net initiative that aims to provide financial assistance and support for underprivileged families across Pakistan. Initially launched in 2008, BISP has become a leading poverty alleviation program in the country. Its primary objectives include providing immediate relief to low-income households through unconditional cash transfers as well as linking them to a number of social assistance programs.

Registering with Benazir Income Support Programme online is relatively quick and easy. Directly visit the BISP online Portal and start your application.

Who is Eligible for BISP Registration?

There is a defined criterion under which families can apply and get registered with BISP. The main eligibility factors include:

  • Families with a monthly income below the defined threshold
  • Widowed or divorced women with dependents and no other source of support
  • Families where the primary bread earner is disabled or chronically ill

Additionally, special preference is given to households headed by women. Applicants must provide valid CNICs, contact details, and poverty scorecard information to get registered after evaluation of eligibility.

Step-by-Step Guide for BISP Online Registration

Registering with BISP online is relatively quick and easy. Follow these steps for hassle-free application submission:

Step 1: Visit BISP Portal

Go to the official BISP website and find the online registration section. Alternatively, directly visit the BISP Online Portal to start your application.

Step 2: Create Profile

Create a user ID and password for your profile. Make sure to choose a secure password combination. Provide accurate personal details including full name, CNIC number, mobile number, etc.

Step 3: Fill Application Form

Once logged in, carefully fill out the Benazir Income Support Programme online application form. The system will fetch certain family details using the CNIC number. Input any missing information and provide supporting documents as needed.

Step 4: Submit and Track Status

Preview all details before submitting the form. You will get an application reference number which can be used to track processing status. Login anytime to your BISP profile to view latest updates.

How to Register for Benazir Income Support Programme Through SMS

BISP also offers SMS registration facility. Follow the simple steps below:

  • On your mobile phone, type “SPR” and leave a space
  • Enter 13-digit CNIC number of the applicant
  • Send this SMS to 786

Example SMS: SPR 4210112345678

You will get registration confirmation via return SMS. To check application status, type “CNIC”space “13-digit CNIC” and SMS to 786.

BISP Cash Grant Payment Options

Registered BISP families can receive quarterly payments via multiple payment channels:

1. Money Orders

Postal money orders are delivered to home addresses. These include around Rs. 5,000 per quarter.

2. Visa Debit Card

An activated BISP Visa debit card can be used to withdraw cash payments from ATMs.

3. Mobile Money Transfers & Easy Paisa Shops

Over-the-counter payments are also facilitated through mobile money operators and Easy Paisa outlets across Pakistan.

Use the Benazir Income Support Programme SMS service or online portal to conveniently check last payment date as well as the status of upcoming payments.


The Benazir Income Support Programme initiative has been pivotal in enabling vulnerable groups by providing basic income support and financial inclusion. If you meet the eligibility criteria, do apply for the program for crucial monetary assistance. The online registration process takes only a few minutes without extensive paperwork.

You can also opt for SMS registration or visit the BISP office directly. With over 9 million families benefiting from regular cash transfers under BISP, this welfare program continues its drive towards eradicating poverty and empowering the less fortunate across Pakistan.

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