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How to apply for New ASF Fresh Jobs 2023 .there are new recruitments in Airport Security Force. Some changes have been made in his physical. Some changes have been made. The airport security force’s criteria for running, pushup and kulabh, which is a bit more than physical tests, have been increased.

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How much has been increased, when was it increased, I will clear everything for you today in this , so post before starting the post, first of all, talk about the physical test at the airport security force. How much running is done in the physical test and how many push ups are there? How many pull ups? If we talk about, friends, the first thing is running.

In running, you had to cover a distance of sixteen hundred meters, that is, before today, you had to make two laps of the ground, that is, sixteen hundred meters, and the story is over, but this time it will not happen at all today. Before Jo Hai, you used to decide to run sixteen hundred meters and you were given ten numbers out of Jo Hai, but this will not be the case.

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That is, you have to do three rounds of the ground, only then you will be given ten marks out of ten in the running of physical, otherwise you will not be given marks, that is, the more late you go, the less marks you will get. Friends, in 2023, you will have to cover a distance of 24 hundred meters, only then you can clear your test, after that we will talk about push ups.

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This time it will not happen, you will have to do about twenty to twenty five push ups, only then you can achieve five out of five of your physical push up number. Otherwise you will get lower numbers than this. That is, if you are applying for corporal i.e. constable or SPU, ASI in airport security force, then you have to do pushups above twenty-two. If you apply less than this, you will get less numbers.

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And remember one thing that this time the numbers of push up are five. If you get three numbers, you will not get clarity in physical. You will be failed. Friends, you have to do at least 22 push ups, then you can get five marks out of five. They are going to give you more than ten this time.

New ASF Fresh Jobs 2023

Every time you used to do ten pull ups and you were given ten marks out of ten in the pull up test. Yes, you used to be given one number, but this time too, it will not happen. You will have to pull up above about 15. Then you will be given 10 to 10 numbers. Otherwise, you will be failed in physical. Used to do ASI for corporal but this time fifteen pull ups have been done.

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