Pakistan Rangers New Jobs 2023

How to apply for Pakistan Rangers New Jobs 2023 Welcome to technical jobs info one point zero post regarding the physical test in Pakistan ranger Sindh rangers I am going to tell you complete information brother young people who have qualified for the next stage of their physical test in Sindh Rangers,

Information To Apply For Rangers

Pakistan Rangers New Jobs 2023 All young people should understand the full information that in the physical test your height, chest race, and the first day test are taken and which ones you have to go through before proceeding to the full details

Test Details

First of all, let me tell you one thing When you go for the test for Sindh Rangers, what should you prepare for It also tells you the height and how many tests are done on the first day. So that these things remain in your mind and when you go for the physical now for your test, if you know these things, then let’s go to more information and to the details, brother, now we have come here, is the advertisement of Pakistan Rangers Sindh correct?

Height Requirements

Let me tell you first of all the eligibility criteria here is the physical quality, bro, Your height should be at least five feet six inches which is the requirement of Sindh Rangers, but taller candidates will be given more priority in this, meaning those who are less than five feet six inches, then those who are more than five feet six inches will qualify on first priority, which is the physical test,

Chest Requirements

that is chest thirty-three inches by one to one. The spread of one inch of your people means your chest up to thirty-three by thirty-four, but what is left inside it, which is the physical quality, will be seen according to the medical laws, in which, brother, what is your hand, what is your eyes, what is your body is not disabled from anywhere, it means that you are not disabled from anywhere. A test will be conducted, in which you will see the test here.

Running Test Information

It is written inside that you will be running. You will have to clear your running. After clearing the running, you will be asked to do push-ups and sit-ups. You will be given two minutes and fifteen minutes. So, joggers will take PT shoes with them and they will do their running on what is there.

Physical Test Information

Now let’s talk about that when you go for the test, which test will be taken from you on that day. brothers, on the day you go for the physical test, on the day you go for the physical test, on the day you go for the physical test, you should consider it as given regularly, so that you understand, it is written here that the physical test papers will be checked along with the online registration slip.

Medical Examination Information

You guys mean the document will be checked, the physical will be taken from you, okay, that You will have a medical examination, an initial medical examination will be done, which means your body will be checked and you will appear for the written test, which means that you will be asked for the written test on the same day.

Psychological Test Info

The psychological test interview will be the final selection, the final medical examination will be the call letter, and all these processes will be done later, You guys will have two tests at the start, one test will be the physical test and the medical examination, you will be given a written test, after that the rest of you will be tested later.

Further Running Test Information

Thirty-four is your chest, you guys have to do the race. one point six kilometers are eight minutes, and nine minutes are also given, which means that as many candidates are given a chance to clear their race, then the young people who are going for the test may succeed all the candidates, This was his full information.

Qualification Required For Rangers By Study Rozana

The recruitment has been announced on Amiya to apply for this wonderful job The education required here is from primary to intermediate which means if your education is from 5th to 12th then you can apply for these jobs It’s a great opportunity.

Pakistan Rangers New Jobs 2023

So this is the complete information of how to apply for Pakistan Ranger jobs

Pakistan Rangers New Jobs 2023
Pakistan Rangers New Jobs 2023
Pakistan Rangers New Jobs 2023
Pakistan Rangers New Jobs 2023

Pakistan Rangers New Jobs 2023 so hurry up up and click the link and apply for Pakistan Rangers

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